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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Brass Rat tradition was born in the spring of 1929. C. Brigham Allen, then President of the Class of 1929, called upon one member of the classes of 1930, 1931, and 1932 and entrusted them with the task of designing a ring that the Institute Committee would ultimately approve as the Standard Technology Ring. The committee agreed upon a three part construction, with a primary image on the bezel of the ring and two other images on the two shanks.
Controversy quickly arose over whether to honor the Beaver or the Great Dome on the bezel; some members of the committee even questioned MIT's choice of the beaver as its mascot. The committee looked to the original discussion over the mascot (formally decided upon by President MacLaurin in 1914), calling upon the now famous defense of the beaver by Lester Gardner, Class of 1897: "We first thought of the kangaroo which, like Tech, goes forward in leaps and bounds. Then we considered the elephant. He is wise, patient, strong, hard working, and, like all who graduate from Tech, has a good hide. But neither of these were American animals. We turned to Mr. Hornady 's book on the animals of North America and instantly chose the beaver. The beaver not only typifies the Tech (student), but his habits are peculiarly our own. The beaver is noted for his engineering, mechanical skills, and industry. His habits are nocturnal. He does his best work in the dark."
Citing the fact that many other schools had buildings similar to our Great Dome, the committee ultimately decided to honor our hard-working and industrious mascot on the ring and thus the Brass Rat was born. With the debate settled and the ring finally designed, the Class of 1930 was the first to proudly wear a Brass Rat. So started the Institute tradition of the Brass Rat, the affectionate nickname for the ring that has become a symbol of MIT as well as one of the most recognizable rings worldwide. Ever since, each class has appointed its own Ring Committee, which endeavors to craft a ring that will inspire us while we are here, unite us once we leave, and, above all else, unmistakably symbolize the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Vanessa Wong

    Alpha Phi

    Majors: 8 and 18C | Minor: 17
    18K Yellow Gold, Light Antiquing
    Small Bezel
    Boise, ID

    Carlos Sendao
    Vice Chair


    Major: 10 | Minor: 21W
    Brass PVD
    Medium Bezel
    Provincetown, MA

    Sadhika Malladi
    Web Chair


    Major: 18C | Minor: 24
    Stealth PVD
    Large Bezel
    San Jose, CA

    Rishi Shah
    Event Chair

    Phi Beta Epsilon

    Majors: 6-3 and 9 | Minor: 21
    14K Yellow Gold, Light Antiquing
    Large Bezel
    Mason, OH

    Anya Quenon
    Social Chair

    Burton 3rd
    Haus Is Home

    Major: 2 | Minor: 4
    Stealth PVD
    Medium Bezel
    Boulder, CO

    Alden James

    Chi Phi

    Majors: 2 and 21H
    18K White Gold, Natural Finish
    Large Bezel
    Dallas, TX

  • Sophia Struckman

    Alpha Phi

    Major: 6-2
    10K Yellow Gold, Regular Finish
    Medium Bezel
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Miranda Gong


    Major: 4
    Medium Bezel
    Toronto, ON (CAN)

    Heather Nelson

    Burton 3rd

    Major: 2A6 | Minor: Design
    14K Yellow Gold, Natural Finish
    Small Bezel
    Fair Haven, NJ

    Allan Gelman

    Next House

    Major: 21E
    Extreme Silver, Natural Finish
    Medium Bezel
    Brooklyn, NY

    Naomi Dereje


    Major: 2A | Minor: 17
    10K Rose Gold, Regular Antiquing
    Medium Bezel
    Silver Spring, MD

    Zilu Pan


    Major: 18C | Minor: 21M
    14K White Gold, Natural Finish
    Medium Bezel
    San Diego, CA


What is RingComm?
RingComm is a committee of 12 students who design their respective class' MIT Brass Rat and organize the ring-related events, such as Ring Premiere and Ring Delivery.

I heard something about a puzzle do I do it??
The hunt has been completed and the prize has been awarded, but you can attempt the puzzle hunt by clicking on any of the question marks in this FAQ section. We've also released the solutions, which can be found here. Happy hunting!
How many people purchase a Gold Ring?
Historically, around 80% of students in a given class have bought a Gold Ring.

When and where is Ring Delivery?
April 20th, 2018 at the Boston Public Library. Read the guidelines here.
Who manufactures the Brass Rat?
The class of 2020 Brass Rat will be manufactured by Herff Jones at their site in Rhode Island.

You didn't answer my question.
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